Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Interracial couples - cultural diversity issues?

My parents have no objection to me dating a white girl, as I have had a couple of interracial relationships. So the other day I was talking to my dad about buying a property and out of the blue, he said "marry a white girl" and I was like ........... what's this got to do with the topic we're talking about haha I personally have no racial preference, Chinese/Korean girls or whatever are fine with me. When I asked him why specifically mentioned "white girl" and he was like because I was raised up in a western country. Therefore, my way of thinking and perceiving is different than traditionally cultured Asians.

If you are an Asian origin and were born and raised in a western country, is your perspective very westernised? I dunno about you but I'd like to see myself a bit of a mixture. No offence, but like Chinese girls (especially those from China) for example, a lot of them (not all) expect bfs to pay for everything. To me, I fee its utterly inappropriate (even my Chinese female friends said that to me too lol). Yes, you guys are a couple, but not a married couple. I have no issues with money and don't like arguing about money; I don't mind paying for my gf, but don't expect me to pay for every single thing - I'm not your personal account lol. My western friends, on the other hand, don't really do much savings. Either spend on entertainments (alcohol, clubbing etc) or travelling. Whereas Asians they are good at savings, and they actually think further. So like my cousin who has two children and she's already got two separate savings accounts for her children!

My point is whether you guys consider cultural diversity as an obstacle - in my humble opinion, this is something that you can't shrug off. Although you might have been brought up in the West, at the end of the day there are still different perspectives between you and your partner of a different race (I'm talking about interracial couples here). I think that my perspective is pretty westernised, but I would like to have a Chinese style wedding ceremony haha then you need to think about how you guys are gonna raise your children. You probably might also need to think about whether he/she is able to accustom to your traditions/family etc? Obviously you gotta remove any ambiguity concerning because if you both can't come to mutual understanding and adapt to the changes, this relationship ain't gonna last. I know a lot of people would say "I'm the one who's marrying her, not my family", on the real though, both families do play part of it and it's inevitable. It might not be an issue for now, but you never know what will happen after marriage. It's all about acceptance and tolerance really.

What are your thoughts on this? If you are in an interracial relationship or were to go out with someone who is not your own race, would culture be a concern to you? What about wedding style, how would you want to raise your children and other matters?

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Starts anew

Wow it's been damn long since I last wrote a blog in November 2013. My friend Els randomly asked me last week why I had stopped writing blogs and persuaded me to write again. I thought alright then, let's give it another shot. So here I am. I have reverted all my previous posts (286) to draft, time to start anew, let's see what changes I have made over the years. Life's changed after uni, it's been 2 years but I have been well wrapped up in work and other stuff, as well as travelling! I didn't notice until a few days ago that this year I have actually been to 7 countries! They are: Singapore; Malaysia; UK; China (twice); Hong Kong; Brunei; and Spain. It's crazy - I'm gonna have to break my record next year. So far trips to Amsterdam and Basel (Switzerland if you didn't know already) in March have been confirmed. I fancy a bit of Italian in Rome and pay a visit to the pope in the Vatican City; this needs to be arranged, albeit money could be a concern. Let's things go with the flow. 

Anyway, I don't know what to say now. All I know is I need a loo now and need to get bundled up because it's getting cold! I will try to update regularly, although I will be tied up with work and studies (I'm taking a distance learning course). In the meantime, check out my Instagram: ericlingofficial

See ya!